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Ianthe Murad, Sc.D., CCC-A



Career  Background:  Ianthe  has  been  a  clinical  audiologist  for  21  years.  She  has  worked  in  various  areas including,  schools  for  the  Deaf,  hospital  and  university  settings.  She  is  currently  working  as  the  clinical program  coordinator  of  clinical  education  for  the  Long  Island  Audiology  Doctoral  Consortium  Program  at Adelphi,  Hofstra  and  St.  John’s  Universities  and  is  an  appointed  Adjunct  Audiology  Professor  of  Speech, Language  and Hearing  Sciences  at Hofstra  University  and St. John's  University.    Professional  Education:  Ianthe  completed  her  Doctorate  in  Science  with  a  concentration  in  Audiology  in  2002 from  the  School  of  Health  and  Medical  Sciences  at  Seton  Hall  University  in  New  Jersey.  Her  research  focused on  binaural  processing  of  older  adults  with  normal  hearing.  She  received  her  M.A  and  B.A  from  St.  John's University.  In  2007,  the  department  of  Speech  and  Hearing  at  St.  John’s  University  bestowed  upon  her  the  high honor  of  ‘Distinguished  Alumnus  Award’.  Professional,  Religious  or  Social  Organization:  In  2016,  Ianthe  was  among  28  professionals  nationwide  chosen for  ASHA's  2016-17  year-long  leadership  development  program  for  Audiologists.  Currently,  she  serves  on  the Global  Standards  Steering  Committee,  for  the  Coalition  of  Global  Hearing  Health,  in  which  the  committee  is tasked  with  developing  global  guidelines  for  humanitarian  ear  and  hearing  care  outreach  projects  globally.    In June  2017,  she  was  appointed  to  serve  on  the  NYS  Office  of  Professions  -  Education  Department,  Board  of Speech-Language  Pathology  and  Audiology.  Most  recently,  Dr.  Murad  was  appointed  as  an  advisory  board member  for  the  Starkey  Hearing  Foundation- “So  the  World  May  Hear-Global  Hearing  Health  Initiative."  The Foundation  fits  more  than  100,000  hearing  aids  annually  to  children  and  adults  through  global  hearing  missions and  the  daily  efforts  of  its  domestic  Hear  Now  program.  As  a  member  of  the  Clinton  Global  Initiative,  the Foundation  has  pledged  to  fit  more  than  1  million  hearing  aids  to  people  in  need  this  decade.  Dr.  Murad  has participated  in  several  worldwide  missions  and  has  treated  thousands  of  hearing  impaired  children  and  adults  in Nairobi,  Kenya  2015;  Hanoi  &  Ho  Chi  Minh,  Vietnam  2016;  Nagpur,  Baramati,  Agra,  New  Delhi  & Hyderabad,  India  2016;  Manila,  Philippines  2016;  Lusaka,  Zambia  2016;  Georgetown,  Guyana  2016; Matamoros,  Mexico  2017;  Port  of  Spain,  Trinidad  2017;  Morelia  &  Querétaro,  Mexico  2017;  Kingston, Jamaica  2017;  El  Salvador  2017;  Tarlac  &  Manila,  Philippines  2017,  Antigua,  Guatemala  2018,  Panama.  2018 and Zambia  2018.  Dr.  Murad  also  serves  as  a  board  member  on  the  following  local  and  national  organizations:  NYS  Office  of Professions  -  Education  Department,  Board  of  Speech-Language  Pathology  and  Audiology,  the  Long  Island Speech  and  Hearing  Association  and  her  most  recent  appointment  as  the  NYS  Audiology  Advisory  Councilor representative  for  the  American  Speech-Language  and  Hearing  Association  (ASHA).    Ianthe  is  also  a  member of  the  Links  Inc.  and  a  25  year  member  of  Alpha  Kappa  Alpha  Sorority,  Inc.  She  has  held  many  leadership positions  throughout  the  years  on  the  chapter  level,  most  currently  serving  as  the  Vice  President  of  programs  for one  of  the  local  NY  graduate  chapters.  She has also been an active member of the St. John’s  University  – Black 

Alumni  Association  since  graduating  in  1995.  A  devout  Catholic  and  member  of  Holy  Trinity  Church,  Ianthe enjoys  teaching  4th grade religious  education  every  Sunday.  Ianthe’s  most  cherished  accomplishments  are  her  children,  Jared,  Samuel  and  Olivia  and  her  college  sweetheart and husband,  Rachid  Murad. 


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