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A Lady's Journey from Called, to Crushed, to Crowned


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Reflections and Reviews


-Continue to TELL YOUR STORY AND HELP SOMEONE. Often we stay in mess because of pride. Let them see your victory…O.S.

-Good afternoon Beautiful, I wanted you to know that I have finished reading the book and I want to first say I’m so sorry you had to go through all that you went through then I want to say thank you thank you thank you are truly an amazing person I cried, laughed, got angry. I thank God that he allowed you to go through and to bring you out so you could write this book this book is powerful…C.S.

-Thank You For sharing and baring your pain while writing this book. Thank You what a real WOG looks like in the midst of the storm. I Thank You for sharing and showing how being obedience to the instruction of God can be uncomfortable, confusing, upsetting and painful but worth it in the end. I'm sorry you had to endure but I'm glad you stood the test and went out in Grand style as the Royal Queen Created us to be. Thank You for not allowing this unfortunate storm to change you, I admire you strength, poise and the Love you offer in spite of your storms could've made you bitter but I clearly see they made you better!!!....M.H.

-This book is a cataclysmic myriad of emotion, evolution, and epiphany. In essence, it carries the reader on a journey, a transformative journey through the eyes and experiences of the narrative. The main character, Noelle Washington, pulls you into her world. She epitomizes the identity of unveiled purpose in therapeutic form. She wanders into your mind as you read, and you become one with her.

Though she is a woman, the book resonates with everyone. It is not gender specific per se’ although it uses feminism to display a greater array of disposition and carved dignity. For me, the intention of the book is to permit and allow feelings. It encourages faith without boundary and hope throughout despair. It both motivates and challenges the reader. It inspires and bring an introspective look into the mirror of our own consciousness. It shows us ourselves. Lady Nicole uses different characters in which we can relate and identify with. We see our own struggles. We see our own lives. And we see our own pains.

It is a roller coaster ride. It is a misadventure. And yet, it is a path to prominence and purity…T.W.